Why Bother with Italian Bubbles?

It has been entertaining watching winebloggers discover Italian whites, both sparkling and otherwise, in recent years. I can only add “where y’all been?”

Mark Twain famously quipped travel was fatal to bigotry, prejudice, and ignorance. It is also quite the potent remedy for bias against Italian whites, bubbly and otherwise.

And wait til they discover the less heralded but equally wonderful spumante metodo classico coming from Piemonte.

the drunken cyclist

What really is the point of Italian sparkling wine? I mean that sincerely. What is the point? As you all know, I am a self-admitted bubble hound (after all my motto is “If it doesn’t sparkle it doesn’t matter”), but I have never really understood why anyone in the entire country of Italy even bothers to try to capture bubbles in a bottle.wine-stain1-3

I would guess that many of the sommeliers who read this blog (wait, are there any somms reading this?), are all up in arms since Franciacorta is nearly every somm’s darling go-to sparkler. Those irrepressible wine professionals love to foist the latest, the “greatest,” and above all “obscure” wines upon their hapless horde. Until relatively recently, almost everyone in the United States had never heard of Franciacorta (and even fewer could actually pronounce it).

The same is essentially true for the other region that produces traditional method wines…

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