Fun With Wine and Google, Moronna Edition

Had the pleasure of trying I Sodi del Paretaio thanks to our friends at Sovereignty Wines, and we weren’t disappointed in the slightest.   What a fantastic example of the Chianti DOCG.


After trying that we certainly wanted to know where our wine came from, and so off to Google Maps it was.   I Sodi comes from the Pisa province and a little town called Terricciola, from a winery on the appropriately named Via del Chianti no less.

 Badia 1

You’ll find it a little more than halfway to Pisa from Siena.   What a lovely part of the world.

Badia 2

I love the names of the towns here.  They roll off the tongue quite lyrically.   You’re in the heart of Chianti country.

Badia 3

You can see quite clearly at this elevation that the land has been extensively re-purposed for agricultural purposes but is still green, rolling hills.

Badia 4

And as we descend, we see the winery amidst cypress trees and vineyards in the Tuscan countryside.  Fantastic!  And if you follow the little dirt road out of town toward the signs for Badia di Moronna, you see this:

Badia 5

If you’re like us, you dream about getting to visit places like this you haven’t been before.  Time to add this one to the list.

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