Day 4 in Italy: A Journey Down the Grand Canal

Nice write up of a family’s Venice adventure–organized such that the photos share the narrative. If this doesn’t make you want to wander the streets of Venice, nothing will!



This morning, while the girls were sleeping,  I woke up early to write the blog and then went out into the little streets of our neighborhood in search of a cafe.   It was nice to see locals going to work and shop owners starting to open shop.  The tourists will descend later on in the morning, but not quite yet. Obviously, I realize that we are tourists, and there is nothing bad about tourists.  But we live in New York City where we are bombarded by 56 million tourists a year.  So when we go anywhere on vacation, we try to stay in uncrowded places.   Last year, we found the perfect apartment in Paris and I think we’ve been really lucky so far in Italy.  Venice is super crowded, but our little apartment is in a fairly un-touristy area, so we are happy.

IMG_8721 That balcony is off of one of…

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Sassi Italy Tours Ahead of the Curve!

You might recall a ways back we speculated that the declining situation for Greece might end up being good for American travelers to Italy?  Seems CNN finally got the memo.   By the time you’re traveling this fall or winter if you haven’t already booked a trip, you might be doing even better as some speculate the dollar/euro exchange rate might approach parity.

We’ve in recent quarters seen rates approaching $1.45 per euro, so it’s quite a relief to look forward to trips where you can more or less take the Euro figure listed on a menu or a product and not have to do any math in your head to know how many dollars it’s costing you.

Che Male!

Sorry to see this; the world, like it or not, is changing, and some of that change is, and is going to be, scary and come in the form of some rather unusual and dramatic inclement weather.  But people in this part of the world have always been fighting back against the advance of the sea, and know how to handle weather related adversary.  I’m sure they will bounce back!

Craving Some Cicchetti

And if you knew how good the smoked swordfish wrapped robiaola, pickled herring, and olive oil and herb soaked artichoke hearts were here, you would be too!  Nothing beats a cicchetti bar off the beaten path a bit in a quiet Venetian neighborhood for a pre-dinner snack and bicchiere di vino!

Come find this place with us.