Shopping on Murano

A great primer on visiting one of the treasures of the Venetian lagoon from Laura Morelli that’s worth reading. One of the perks of traveling with us is a helpful steering away from the more touristy hawkers when you get off the vaporetto and toward the more relaxed glass factories where you can just take it in. Some great food to be had on Murano as well!

Laura Morelli

It’s worth the trip to Murano to watch molten glass on the end of a rod be transformed as if by magic into gorgeous vases, glasses, and candlesticks before your eyes. Chances are you’ll arrive at the boat ramp on the south end of the island of Murano. When you disembark, move away from the area as quickly as possible, as hawkers may lure you into one of the more touristy glass factories bordering the docks that sell lower quality goods for higher prices. Instead, head toward the glass museum and window shop along the way. The farther north you walk toward the museum and the Basilica of Santi Maria e Donato, the more the prices fall.

The range of quality and price on Murano is staggering. Be prepared to see everything from silly figurines of Donald Duck to drop-dead gorgeous tableware with so many zeros on the price tag…

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