Barolo:The “New” High Priced Wine

I’ve been worried this would come to pass, and I suppose it was somewhat inevitable. The best kept secret in the world in 750ml form wasn’t going to stay reasonably priced forever as wine becomes ever more the status symbol for people looking to engage in conspicuous consumption.

Fortunately the people driving up the prices on Barolo are a long way from discovering Dolcetto, Negroamaro, Primitivo, Nero D’Avola, etc…Italian wine will remain a remarkable bargain for the value oriented enthusiast for the foreseeable future we’d argue.

Charles Scicolone on Wine

This is  an excellent article as is the link below on what is happing to the price of Barolo. I was at a Barolo tasting before I left for Naples and all the talk was how the price of the 2010 Barolo was high and was going to go even high.

Barolo Superstar

by Daniele Cernilli ,  Doctor Wine 02-02-2015

Exactly one year ago I wrote an editorial for Doctor Wine entitled: Barolo, the next icon (LINK). I would never have imagined predicting so precisely what then took place in the following, even if there were many elements to make such a forecast. Due to the combination of some disappointing vintages in Bordeaux and Burgundy and an extraordinary one for Barolo, vintage 2010 for the Italian wine had an enormous success among the world of wine’s ‘big spenders’ and it is now almost impossible to find a bottle.

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