Mi Piace L’Aperol!

If you can’t be in Venice everyday (and unfortunately who can who isn’t lucky enough to be a Venetian) it doesn’t mean you have to go without a taste of the Veneto.  Hardly!  Those lucky enough to have wandered in Venice have probably seen locals sipping at wine glasses with a curiously citrusy colored fizzy beverage and wondered what it is; for those who haven’t tried one, well…you simply must!   The Aperol spritz or Venetian spritz is just fantastic as you cook your pasta or relax in the shade.

Aperol is a light bitter aperitif; mix in a one to two or three ratio with dry prosecco and garnish with an orange or clementine slice and add a splash of club soda.  Ridiculously delicious way to send out summer and enjoy a small taste of Venetian goodness without the plane or train ride.


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