Wine Bars In Venice

Always one of the highlights of any trip to the Veneto--and the best ones are ones out of the way you either stumble upon, or have us show you.  This little one is actually one of our favorites and we’re glad to see it get mention; while it’s not easy to find, the hunting is well worth it.


7 thoughts on “Wine Bars In Venice”

      1. It really makes you not mind that Venetians eat dinner late–your afternoon cicchetti will power you through those long days walking around trying to see everything you can.

        When are you going to Venice again?

      2. I’m actually living in Venice for the summer and hopefully most of the autumn too so I’m having lots of fun exploring!! When are you next here?

      3. Fantastic! Me hopefully this fall, but Doug will be over there running tours from September til Thanksgiving at least. You’ll have to tag along for one!

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