Venice Backstage

This video is simply fantastic.  You’ll enjoy the insight into how this magical Italian city functions.

<p><a href=”″>Venice Backstage. How does Venice work?</a> from <a href=””>Insula spa</a> on <a href=””>Vimeo</a&gt;.</p>

Cicchetti in Venice!

One of the best parts of staying at Hotel Giorgione, our “home in Venice” is the warm hospitality of the quiet corner of Cannaregio where it’s found; this short video shows that Venice isn’t just the hustle-bustle crowded experience many folks complain about.  If you know where you’re going, you’ll see the Venice that Venetians themselves experience:  a post-work nip of prosecco, a quiet calle, and some fantastic cicchetti prepared with fresh local ingredients.

Hannah’s Italian Adventure

Check out my cousin-in-law’s blog of her summer adventure teaching English to a young boy in Italy and staying with his family.  It’s a fun read and man, I wish I’d thought of a way to do this when I was her age!   Hope to catch up with her and her host family in Italy sometime soon.

hannah in italy

Gardens in Venice

This is lovely (thanks to Dream of Venice for sharing).    Reading about how gardens are tucked into Venice’s various nooks and hidden corners just makes one want to wander around finding them.   Anthony Bourdain observed in Italy once that if Americans could get vegetables like he was enjoying there, we’d find it easier to get Americans to eat them, and I think he’s right.  Herbs, spices, locally sourced produce from the lagoons little islands–they’re why the flavors you enjoy there are just so much more dramatic than what generic chain grocery store food can offer, and why the food you enjoy in Italy is just that much more captivating.

venice herbs