Yes, Virginia, There *Is* Good Food In Venice

Always breaks my heart when I read bloggers saying the food’s not good in Venice; invariably it’s someone not very experienced there staying a day or two and being disappointed the places with “menu turistico” posted in the window and offering pizza are less than inspired.  This article from Italian Talks is a great counterpoint to those posts from folks disappointed about the Venetian culinary experience; as they note, take a walk around the way, maybe even get lost on a side street, and stumble upon a place where the locals eat, and you’ll be far happier.

I don’t write to scold those folks who, for lack of guidance or tight schedules, fail to discover the genius of Venetian dining, but merely to forewarn others that this let-down is entirely avoidable.

(Free hint:  look for a place with a menu that looks more like this; note the absence of the phrase “menu turistico”.)


One of the biggest perks you’ll enjoy traveling with us:  you won’t need to guess about finding the *real* Veneto cuisine and hope to find a delicious, authentic meal at a non-tourist trap.  Why?  Because after 30 years of guiding people through Venice, rest assured Doug Sassi isn’t going to lead you astray.

There IS great food in Venice, but it’s found around the corner and off the beaten path, and it requires a little digging, a little patience, a little guidance, and a little sense of adventure.   But it’s there, and we’ll guarantee you’ll agree.

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