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White Truffle Victory

Our friend Mario Giribaldi actually won this wonderful white truffle in a golf tournament (in addition to making great wines he’s apparently quite the golfer).  Now that’s a reward!  This would cost thousands of dollars if exported here, but we got to taste it.  Amazing.


Grated onto a fresh homemade tagliolini with a little olive oil…perfect!


What an honor to get to taste this, one we’re grateful for.   Run, don’t walk to make your reservation to come see Piemonte with us.  Your tastebuds will thank you.


Azienda Giribaldi Joins The Winefathers!

Wow.  Amazing!  One of our proudest moments has come to fruition.

We’ve made no secret that we find Rodello and Azienda Giribaldi’s little corner of Piemonte perhaps the most magical place we’ve ever been, and we want to share how great it is with people who enjoy the best food and wine on the planet.  We’re happy to announce that our friends at The Winefathers agree with our position that the artisanal work being done at Giribaldi in the Langhe hills is a project that represents the best of Italian wine making; as such, they’re going to start working to help promote Azienda Giribaldi.

Join us in Piemonte to see just how special a place Rodello really is.  Our friends at Giribaldi will be waiting to greet you with a plate of amazing antipasti and glasses of the best wine tasting experience you’ll ever have.  We guarantee it!  And the best part?  By making a nominal donation to the Winefathers program, you can have a row at the vineyard named for you.