The Wine Media Guild Sicily Tasting: The White Wines

Man, I hope Signor Scicolone comes to do a tasting in the Colorado market soon!

Frankly I read a lot of wine blogs and wine interest stuff on the web, and pretty predictably you’ll see a lot of “well, I don’t really like Italian whites, just the reds…maybe that one Soave or that one Pinot is OK” type commentary.

At best, those sentiments are innocently misinformed folks who haven’t branched out much past the jugwines offered up at the local wine store. More likely it represents a form of laziness–there just isn’t really a good excuse any more to be a wine writer who’s missing out on the amazing whites coming from Italy. There just isn’t. Put down that bottle of $8 Pinot Grigio, and slowwwwwly back away folks. Get out there and taste! You’re missing out.

Charles Scicolone on Wine

The Wine Media Guild asked me to host a program about the wines of Sicily. Together with Tom Maresca, another member, we lined up 30 wines for the tasting and lunch. The speakers would be Alessandro Dellascenza of Cru Artisan Wines, a division of Banfi, who would present 7 wines. Somehow, I became the second speaker and was more than happy to do so.

I am often asked where a wine can be bought at retail so in this post I have included the name of the importer/distributer of each wine.

At the tasting and lunch, which took place in April at Felidia Restaurant, we had 9 excellent whites ranging in price from $12 to $41.

The White Wines of SicilyIMG_0218

Grillo “Zirito” 2014 Grillo Terre Siciliane IGT 100% Grillo Feudo SartannaCru Artisian Wines-Banfi $12 The vineyards are in Western Sicily; the soil is volcanic of medium texture, chalk and clay…

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Riflessioni, Venezia

The lights and the shimmering water make this one of my favorite Venice images I’ve taken recently.  It was late at night, the city was asleep except for the odd vaporetto idling by (the stern marker light from one is visible in the lower left).  Quiet, stoic, enveloping.

No better place to be on a crisp fall evening.  Be sure to click to see it full size!