Venetian Truck Driving Skills

Via our foodie friends at Venice Bites:

That’s pretty cool–navigating a barge around those old, narrow canals and low hanging bridges.  Everything you see in Venice’s quiet neighborhood shops and restaurants arrives in this manner; deliveries require these guys and their unique boat maneuvering skill sets.

I’ll bet none of these guys are getting rich, but none of them would give up what they do for a living either.  One of the more unique jobs in the world.

Lagoon Sunset Views

I was kicking myself for not having lugged the tripod with me to Burano this day; I would have shot these with HDR for a more dramatic contrast with the Venice buildings, campanile, and rooflines that sit under this dramatic sunset.  But in retrospect that’s a “happy accident”, as the slight silhouetting I think emphasizes the romantic, mysterious qualities of Venice at night and in the evening.

These were shot at f5.6, 1/800th, between 260mm and 300mm depending.  Any time you can watch the sunset on Burano, you know it’s good to be alive.

Click ’em for the full size versions.

CampanileSunsetBurano (1 of 1) CampanileSunsetBurano (2 of 1) CampanileSunsetBurano (3 of 1)

Please Buy Legit Extra Virgin Olive Oil


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