Fracturing in the EU

Fracturing in the EU

Turmoil in the EU.  As noted, it’s unlikely this can carry on unabated much longer.  I’ll be curious to see what comes of this for the travel biz.  While I suspect our dollars will go further as the euro takes a beating, who knows what sort of levies will be enacted to try to prop up the Italian economy.

It’s not like you can bail out the 8th largest economy in the world and still have your currency mean anything.

Street Entertainment in Rome

Doug Sassi captured this impromptu street performer working for tips outside a cafe in Roma where the small tour group was catching a quick lunch. Pretty funny stuff.

Well…maybe if you walk down that street daily you don’t find his Harpo Marx routine all that entertaining, but I’ve seen this guy’s videos…he finds preoccupied people and spoofs the heck out of their haughtiness.

The flavor of Rome!