Venice for Visitors hotel directions

If you’re a do it yourself type, this is a handy site.  Even if you’re on a tour and want to explore on your own a bit this’ll be a handy one to bookmark as getting back to your hotel is generally an enjoyable thing to be able to do.

A word on doing it yourself–we’re really not against it per se even though it runs counter to our business model.  We’ve had lots of clients go with us a time or two and then be able to navigate Italy on their own, and we think that’s great!  Nobody can be an expert at everything, and while going to sites like Tripadvisor can give you general hints about the things you want to see and how to get there, there’s also no substitute for the personal insight someone like Doug Sassi can give you.  Someone who’s been doing this for going on four decades and has professional art/art historian underpinnings can lend a perspective that the Internet just can’t duplicate I don’t think.  It’s YOUR trip and you don’t want to waste your time getting lost, hoping to get lucky with a good non-tourist-trap restaurants, waiting in lines you don’t have to, etc.

There’s no real downside to traveling with Doug Sassi.  Our tours are customized to let you travel at your pace and you’re never hamstrung into more or fewer activities than you want or need, and you can have plenty of time to explore on your own.  Why not have your own private Italy expert showing you the ropes on your first trip or two?

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