Gave a pasta making demonstration last night

I like to think Mama Isa would have been proud!  The wife has joined a women’s group that’s focused on exploring international cuisine, locally sourced foods, and self-reliant artisanal “making it yourself” outlooks.  They wanted to have a pasta making night, and fortunately they knew just who to ask.

I brought some already made semolina noodles and some pre-mixed dough that had already had a chance to settle; there were about 15 attendees, and we talked about the importance of making your food yourself and being connected to where it comes from (it’s interesting how that concept is somewhat revolutionary here in the US thanks to our industrial processed food addiction, but is just “how it’s done” in Italy), and how that’s a key component of what makes food so enjoyable in Italy. 

I like to think that person by person we Americans are going to start grasping just how unsustainable our processed food diet really is and starting seeing the nobility in the “get everything you can locally and make it yourself” take on food. 

It was nice talking to like minded folks, many of whom were planning trips to Italy and hadn’t yet heard of Sassi Italy Tours.  Not a bad way to spread the good word about what we bring to the table–some pappardelle arrabiata and vino rosso!Image

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