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Fun With Wine And Google, La Morra Edition

We’re going to be exploring some Lugana and Piemonte wineries this fall whose wines we enjoy, and one of the ones we’re hoping to visit looks simply extraordinary; we managed to find a ridiculous deal on the Tenuta L’Illuminata Tebavio from 2004 a few months back when our friends at SovereigntyTaking a look at their website, we can see this is definitely one for the bucket list…beautiful.   So where does this lovely Barolo hail from?  Let’s see:

Tebavio 1

Just to the west of La Morra and southwest of Alba, you can see that Tenuta L’Illuminata is located in the foggy, hilly, verdant heart of Piemonte’s prime nebbiolo real estate.  Diving in:

Tebavio 2


Looks like it’s almost walking distance from downtown La Morra, a beautiful hilltop town of about 2400 lucky folks.

Tebavio 3


A little driveway, terra cotta roofs, a pool…and lots and lots of well-trained vines neatly nestled in the rolling hills.  Yes.

Tebavio 4


Time for a leisurely stroll in that sea of green.

Tebavio 5


This doesn’t look too bad at all.  Can’t wait to see it in person, but for now the Google Earth views tell us what we need to know:  this place needs to find its way onto any Piemonte itinerary.

Tebavio 6