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Carbonara with Facon (instead of bacon or guanciale)

Decided to slack off tonight and use the whole grain semolina noodles from Barilla instead of making homemade, and I feel guilty over it already.  But it was tasty!

Molto Squisito! Vegetarian carbonara.

I like to chop the facon (fakon?  fakin?) pretty small as it mixes better.  It really does taste better with homemade noodles, but it was late and the kids were cranky, so the rare box of Barilla was broken out.  If you make it with homemade noodles make sure to leave them firmer than al dente as they’re going to absorb a lot of moisture from the egg and cheese and the heat from the pan will keep them cooking, and you don’t want mush.  But like most rustic, peasant inspired Italian dishes, it just tastes better with the homemade egg noodles.

My harshest critics, however, found tonight’s pasta quite satisfactory.

The kid likes to eat!

Sitting on Grandma’s lap, eating my pasta!  Sitting here apparently made it taste way better than actually sitting in the high chair.

veggie carbonara sawyer
Who needs a fork?