Long Time No Post

Hello to anyone still subscribed and reading this…it’s been a while.  Not usually a fan of “pay attention to me” posts explaining anyone’s attention to their own Internet presence as they’re usually unnecessary and self indulgent.  But in the latter part of 2018 work and life got really hectic, and I took a break from chatting about our Italian adventures here.

It was a good year.

Then, in early 2019, my brother was murdered rather senselessly by a roommate who also killed their landlord in a rather heinous and cowardly act. It just never felt right to get back to talking about Italy publicly at any time since that day in spring 2019.

The bastard who killed them finally plead guilty a few weeks ago, and it’s as much justice as we’re likely to get.

Going to leave the parts of the site dedicated to his art instruction and talents up as a remembrance.

I know he wouldn’t want us to dwell too terribly much, so probably time to get back into action.  Watch this space for a new venture we’ll be working on soon.  Going to sell some wine for Raph!