High-speed railway ring scheduled between Rome, Milan and Venice airports

This is a good thing. Italy’s already fantastic-by-comparison-to-the-US train system means we can very cost-effectively schedule tours around where the best airfares are; you can pick the departure and arrival cities that make the most fiscal sense and get to and from pretty easily regardless of the cities you’re actually going to visit for the most part. This will make it even easier to take in more of the regions you want to see while being picky about where to fly to and from.

Italian Insight

The Italian Ministry of Transportation and the Italian State Railways signed an agreement to provide high-speed railways links between the airports of Rome, Milan and Venice.

Pursuant to the agreement, the Railways will have to start the evaluation phase before the end of the year. The Ministry will formulate its guidelines and provide the required financial resourced in the beginning of 2015.

The railway ring was required by the United Arab Emirates flagship airline Etihad as a precondition to pump fresh money into the embattled Italian flagship airline Alitalia.

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