This is a humorous but important read: remember, when traveling you should do your best to leave your expectations at home. You’re in a different place and things are going to run differently. Relax, and enjoy your time at a reasonable pace and absorb the local atmosphere, and do your level best to not perpetuate the occasionally well-deserved stereotypes about American tourists. 🙂

One Last Push for Lesley

Why is what she does so important? As Mark Twain put it: “Travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry, and narrow-mindedness, and many of our people need it sorely on these accounts. Broad, wholesome, charitable views of men and things cannot be acquired by vegetating in one little corner of the earth all one’s lifetime.” I think he nailed it–we can only benefit by exposing ourselves to other cultures.

She’s really inspirational–you don’t have to be wealth and privileged to enjoy a travel-centric lifestyle. It certainly makes me want to get up and go!

Some handy advice from The Travel Lady. Those compression sacs look extremely handy, and, since they don’t require a vacuum to operate, seem pretty ideal for travel/saving space.

The Travel Lady In Her Shoes

Traveling in the summer months is easier to pack for. Clothes weigh less and are not bulky. For any trip over seven days I take seven outfits that mix and match. Seven tops and seven slacks. And two lightweight sweaters that go with anything. Interchangeable. Period. This makes a very big wardrobe and believe me it so much easier to deal with.  To dress something up add a scarf!

The next best thing to soap is  Compression Sacs from Eagle Creek, the kind that don’t need a vacuum to suck out the air. Put your clothes  in it, and then roll the sack like you are rolling out a pie. The air escapes and it is flat as a pancake. A miracle!  You will be amazed how much you can get into these sacs! The sacs come in three sizes.  Small, medium and large.  I take one large Compression Sac…

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Don’t Skip Pisa

Don’t Skip Pisa

I’ve noticed quite regularly the “experts” on TripAdvisor suggesting people avoid an excursion to Pisa, which strikes me as unfortunate and misguided advice.  It’s a wonderful little city, and there’s a lot more to enjoy besides the obligatory holding up the tower photo op, with culinary delights pretty high on the list.

Elegant Italian.

Check out the ” il Ristoro di Frate Cipolla” blog.  Definitely on our list of places to take you for some good company and grub in Pisa.  

Pappa con Pomodoro


Il Ristoro di Frate Cipolla’s pappa con pomodoro

Pappa con Pomodoro

This is a great recipe–it’s interesting how Italian cuisine is often presented here in the US as expensive, prepared for the erudite, upper-crust food served with refined linens and exotic presentations by guys wearing tuxedos.  That sort of thing certainly has its place, but one of the best parts of the food you’ll experience in Italy is the rustic, simple, and non-wasteful element.  Some of the most flavorful dishes are peasant-inspired recipes passed down over generations by people who couldn’t afford to waste food.

Fresh basil, stale bread…delicious!  Think we’re making this tomorrow.