This Is Why Cruise Ships Do Not Belong In Venice

Shot this a little while ago from Burano.  You can see when you zoom in the smoke stack spewing bunker fuel fumes into the air; you can see the gigantic scale on the cruise ship compared to the Venetian skyline.   It’s a monstrous floating city that dwarves the delicate city next to it.

It’s plain as day why the cruise ships need to be docked away from Venice.  Click for a full size image that really drives the point home.


2 thoughts on “This Is Why Cruise Ships Do Not Belong In Venice”

  1. Venice is being destroyed by this unbridled tourism, which includes thousands of day trippers being disgorged from cruise ships, and other large boats, to clog the streets, leave their trash behind and barely give anything to help the Venetian economy. My heart aches for the Venetians and their wonderful city.

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